Senior girl dating a freshman guy Philippines webcam chat sites

But whether you like them older or younger, here are a few pros and cons to dating the younger guys on campus.

Freshman: : These fresh outta high school hotties just stepped foot on campus and are ready to have that crazy college experience.

So without a doubt, they’re down for a good time…all the time.

They’re young, they’re fun and they’re eager to do anything for you.

Sophomore: : These guys are definitely adapting to the UMD college life and are gradually beginning to understand the ways of the Terps.

They are more involved now and have found their niche on campus.

Within the four years of every girl’s college life, there comes a time when we are no longer considered the “new girls” on campus.

Then there are the ones that realise they are not the shit and give proper respect to upperclassmen.These guys look at older girls like their goddesses.Oh and you can’t forget about the free diner points, ladies.The question is, how much will you suffer in the meantime? Still, you’re going to make loads of mistakes your freshman year. Look, it’s FAR better to find yourself naked, hung over, covered in shaving cream and tied to a flagpole when you’re in college …