Sedating patient

I have to take my moms Ativan to calm my nerves on this stuff I'm all on edge and twitchy.All in all it's not that bad, the side effects are off putting but the med is cheap and it's has greatly improved my tension headaches. I have no side effects with only 10 mg of Elavil and I am feeling better after two week.Dry mouth, craving sweets, dissociation, feeling like my body and brain aren't interacting properly.

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, I'm so afraid I'm on the verge of losing my spouse and Yet I'm afraid to stop the medicine in fear of having the crippling migraine pain return, What am I to do?I also have fewer headaches and less night time itching.The main unwanted side effect has been brain fog, and because of that I am looking for alternatives.For panic attacks, I would prefer calming, but will settle for numbing.This med turned me into a fat, sugar-craving zombie.