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Each attendee is given a name tag with a TTD number on it as well as an index card on which they print their name, TTD number, and email address.

For the first hour, we line the men and women up and rotate everyone every four minutes so that each person gets the chance to meet about one dozen potential mates.

Prior to the Act, civil claims for trade secret misappropriation were primarily governed by state law.

The Act creates federal jurisdiction for claims brought under the Act, which provides plaintiffs with the option to sue in federal court.

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Learn more about intellectual property basics and what you need to protect, in the Youtube video below. They will discuss copyright, trademark and trade secret basics and the importance of monitoring and enforcing your intellectual property rights.

Sam Frederick and John Mashni, both attorneys for Foster Swift, will be presenting a live webinar on how to protect your business's intellectual property on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at the Lansing Regional Chamber Board Room. Frederick and Mashni will also present the best practices for protecting your intellectual property.

Tech companies should consider the use of trade secrets if a product is one that is not easy to develop independently.

Software code and chemical formulas are two prime candidates.