Scrape dating profiles

The site’s users can also set certain answers to “private,” which makes the responses inaccessible to others.

In this case, the researchers scraped and presented the data accessible through Google and Q&A responses from individual profiles.

Some questioned whether such data harvesting, bundling, and broadcasting is justifiable for academic research and whether it crosses ethical and legal lines.

Although the researchers did not release the real names and pictures of the Ok Cupid users, critics noted that their identities could easily be uncovered from the details provided—such as from the usernames.

) He also argued that retaining the information in the dataset would allow certain missing details—like height, profile text, or photos—to be added later.

The data, collected from November 2014 to March 2015, is indeed public—sort of.

“If the journal does not take the paper, we will probably publish it elsewhere,” he said.

Ok Cupid, owned by Inter Activ Corp’s (iac) Match Group (mtch), released a statement that complained about the published data.

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