Scott porter dating history

And it’s kind of like dating in real life, I think to a certain degree.Because it You mentioned your show Altar Boys on Broadway, and you’ve been able to sing a couple of times on Hart of Dixie, which has been a real a treat.But George, when he started out this year, he had kind of been a revolving door of, you know, kind of romantic interests for George so far.And um, you know, this is a girl who’s definitely going to challenge George, but you know, he still has a lot of values and stuff that he really holds highly.And George, I think it was really cool to see him get behind Lavon, as opposed to having him hold a grudge for an entire season—I don’t think there’s a lot of fun in that, and I’m not sure it’s completely and totally realistic.But moving forward, George, after the events of the Halloween episode, I think finally gets it.

Her and I hit it off really well and we have a lot in common. But you’ll see her back later on in the season as well.It’s a character that was around in season 1 that he reconnects with, actually in the election episode, and that kind of leads to an actual romance and that really sparks something in George and that kind of completes him a little bit.” Well that’s very interesting because we had just been introduced to Presley, Kelen Coleman’s character. Or is there somebody else that is going to show up? And since Presley wasn’t around in Season 1, it seems clear that Scott was talking about someone else.Start your speculation in the comments.] “You’ll see the Presley character and George kind of have their time together and you know, we’ll see if it grows into anything else.It’s been fun for me to play just because I have been able to work with a bunch of different actresses.But it’s a little tricky because you get to see an actress for an episode or two, you know, do a couple of scenes with them and try to hit it off right away.