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Its visa is valid for 27 countries including Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain and Norway. Pak has taken the responsibility to unite singles with their heavenly partners.It has started a free service for the parents who are worried about their children's shaadi.The slaughter took place Sunday at the Sufi Muslim shrine of Mohammad Ali, built in 2015 near the city of Sargodha in Punjab province.Sufis believe in pirs or "living saints" who can intercede for them directly with God. After all the PAF had to stick up with President Ayub Khan's claim of one Pakistani being equal to three Indians. In this strike, the IAF lost the two Hunter escorts, while the PAF claims five Hunters. This strike Strike No.6, again from No.1 Squadron, was at 1540 hrs and was appropriately logged by the IAF. Later versions of the raid by the PAF claim a second Mystere to have been shot down by anti-aircraft fire. Alam was - and still is - to stay as the jewel in the crown of Pakistan's fictitious glory over the skies in 1965. In this strike, the IAF lost one Mystere, while the PAF too claims the same loss.If you are interested in me you can talk to my parents. I am living in Lahore and every time i fall in love with this city. I like to read, to cook and to go in for sport:) I dream about family life and family hapiness:) I want to create there an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust!!!Study and Work in Europe Lifetime opportunity for Pakistani students to get free education from world most advanced country.

In remote and rural areas they are far from medical aid.

He said Ali's son was among those killed, as were some members of the family who own the land on which the shrine was built.

Some officials have said Waheed had mental health problems and had used violence on followers previously.

Waheed told police he murdered the worshippers because he feared they might kill him one day, Arshad Abbas, an investigator in the case, told AFP.

Local police chief Shamshir Joya said they were also investigating whether a struggle for control of the shrine was an additional factor.

Sargodha dating and singles photo personals