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So why do such a significant portion of gay men feel comfortable writing it on their profiles?

The answer most likely relates back to what we said earlier: the anonymity of the Internet provides a certain leeway to express oneself in a way that might otherwise be avoided.

OK Cupid co-founder Christian Rudder once told NPR, “Black users, especially, there's a bias against them.

Every kind of way you can measure their success on a site — how people rate them, how often they reply to their messages, how many messages they get — that's all reduced.” More recently, talk of sexual racism has exploded within the gay community, and a number of men using apps like Grindr and Scruff have come forward to discuss the race-based profiles they encounter. Or anything but White.” Another states, “I love men from different cultures. I’m not racist.” Everyone has particular preferences when it comes to sexual partners.

Once a match is made, users can begin chatting and engaging with one another, but they'll have no idea what the person on the other end looks like.

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It’s hard to say why such overt prejudices seem so prevalent on gay dating apps in particular.I like the fact that users have to work to gain access to a match’s photos.While physical attraction is a huge factor in romantic relationships, it’s often not the most important one.But the approach some employ when advertising them should be examined.LGBT lifestyle expert Mikey Rox told Alter Net, “You don’t have to engage with anybody on these apps. Why do you have to go out of your way to potentially hurt someone’s feelings?