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He can read others avidly and without trying but still has a suspicious and possessive attitude that is not always easy to appease.Once the Scorpio man is sure of his woman’s loyalty, she can cherish it to the end of time.Sagittarius woman is highly passionate about the things she loves and that include her family, loved ones around her and her man.She needs a lover who can tolerate her outgoing nature as well as be calloused enough to deal with her cut-throat advice.There would be a dearth of compatible relationships in your life.The reason simply being that you yearn for dominating the scene , which is not going to work for now.Another Sagittarius would be a good and committed partner as you share common interests.Capricorn might be useful from a professional point of view but life would not be always adventurous and happy.

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Hence they form totally incompatible relationships with you this year.

Not a good period for entering marriage or forging compatible relationships for Sagittarius guys.

The case of Scorpio and Sagittarius is of two side-by-side signs with just opposite elements and with two very different ways of expressing love, trying to relate.

The 7th house of love and marriage is not greatly emphasized for Sagittarius natives in year 2018.

Hence love and compatibility are not on your list for the period, instead home and security and self-interests would get your total commitment.

Sagittarius dating sagittarius horoscope