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Engines of 34hp and upward could be supplied with self-starters at an extra cost.

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David Edgington has been researching Wolseley history, and the full range of engines, for around 30 years.

R 130.00 each (plus local postage) (that's about R86.00 less than ordering from the website). - Rusty red colour - Massey Harris mielie grinder (Brown colour) No. 6 Grinder, Vreneka, South Africa) - John Deere Mielie Sheller, No. Uniporn engines were made by a London company called Porn & Dunwoody.

Jerry Evans E: List of Stationary Engines with Neville Botha - The Bentall Maize Mill, Model 557. - BMA Oats Roller Mill with electric motor (colour green). Hi Andy The engine certainly looks like a Uniporn, what with the London in the casting etc.

Ruston hornsby engine dating