Russian dating tour

Our last Russia trip sold our quickly with a large wait list so sign up early to secure your spot.Hotel Vera occupies a historical 1903 Art Nouveau building in the center of St.But Russia's artistic attractions lie not just in the paintings hung in the galleries, but all around you, in the buildings, both large and small, which have seen the hands of artists at work over the see the most significant buildings in the capital the Kremlin, GUM department store, the State History museum, the Lenin's Mausoleum.

The hotel has been renovated to offer accommodations with all modern conveniences while retaining the charm of an architectural masterpiece which has been entered into the St.

The first time you see this colorful, Russian masterpiece, it seems unreal.

The cathedral was built in the 16th century by the decree of Ivan the Terrible.

With close to 1,500 lakes and along the shores of which are situation Estonia's unique Russian village communities. Thanks to its multiple extraordinarily beautiful art nouveau buildings, it is considered the European art nouveau metropolis.

In addition to its lakes, Estonia also has over 200 natural spring-fed rivers. Latvians continue to observe the traditions of their ancestors – culture embedded in Latvian folklore that is best experienced during the Summer Solstice or "Jani" holiday, and the massive Song and Dance festivals, as well as through traditional crafts and handiwork, events organised by museums, and a lot of other activities.