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In a study from the National Survey of Student Engagement only 11 percent of traditional college students spend 25 or more hours a week studying, reading, writing, and doing other activities for their classes; 40 percent spend 10 hours or less out of the 168 that make up a week.

As you can see there is a difference in the study patterns of adult students and 18-21 year old students.

Stephanie attends York College part time online at night because she can't get daycare in the evenings.

She can take classes at home while caring for her infant child.

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The course work is distributed online through email or posted on websites. World Wide listed a few strategies for distance learners: Set goals • Goal #1. • At the beginning of a new course, look through the materials.Whichever online education options you choose they all require focus, dedication, and motivation.Trying to focus in a virtual online class is harder than a traditional classroom because there are so many distractions.If your schedule permits you to attend campus sessions once in a while then hybrid would be suitable.Universities like NYU operate under synchronous which means students and teachers participate at the same time in a virtual classroom or chat session via the web.