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(im talking about the reporters) its so pointless and annoying!!!!!!!!!! I think she's just trying to get media attention. as a matter of fact, being in the entertainment circle and the public eye they are expected to have their private lives up on the front page. Maybe they were just really really close but wasn't "official" so you can't exactly call it a breakup. if they were realli dating its the reporters to blame for the breakup i think .. dont think theres even a chance left to be good friends .. even if the reporters idoesnt get tried of writing about, but we get tried & bored of hearing/reading about it... I think what they both should clearly state is that they are not dating and stand firm in it. Wonder why Ella is suddenly willing to admit that they had a relationship in the past? It would be interesting to hear what his side of the story is..feel bit sorry for her now for having a bad year and had to go through it alone .. And from there on out, there shouldn't be anything that could change that. I don't get why Ella would keep going to Ron's house when she knows reporters are watching her and stuff and she seems like she makes it seem they did dated and to me it's like a waste or breath keep sayin no i'm not dating him or her when you keep doing stuff like that!she mentioned she went over "his" house to pick up "her" stuff.why was it there in the first place if they were just friends? either way i thought they looked very cute and matched each other in RDOV. but i think a lot of ella's words have been twisted in the article cos i doubt that if she had a relationship with ron, she would tell the paparazi. i just wished the reporters would leave them alone.It's such a shame when the press ruin, not only relationships, but friendships too.

Although Ella has denied their relationship in the past even with photographic evidence, she finally broke under the media attention yesterday and admitted that she had been to Ron's place, but just to collect her own things and from now on, apart from working engagements, she will not see him again on a personal level.I wish they did date but its not like its going to happen. It's so unconsiderate for the reporters to keep giving her pressure and stress by bringing up Ron over and over.. it doesnt matter anymore whether they went out or not.regardless, they are not seeing each other anymore Interesting...If they insist that nothing is going on over and over again..move onwards. This really drives HK celebs up the walls and around the corner!! it's really bad to hear that the 'broke up'... but i think the reporters should have to let them alone... That's the problem admitting to the relationship? if there's evidence might as well admit it instead of lying.ok even if they did have something, i mean seriously its NONE of our busines or ANYONE' S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the series they were in was like two years ago, can they seriously STOP asking them? Shes weird because she starts being really cold after they broke up. i felt that they really looked great in RDOV as a pair thou.. it's none of anyone's business, but hiding it obviously just stirs up more questions and wonders. I do like them together though but as long as they're happy it doesn't really matter who they're with. i think they will never have a normal relationship with all those reporters around it so .. OMG this is still going on geez for the love of god leave the two of them ALONE.... the story is kinda confusing to me..she'd go to his house to collect things and say that she'll find someone better..they didn't go out : S or mabye i just have bad comprehension hehe It now seems a little too late to be denying anything, news about this relationship has been going around for almost a year now.