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If you moved your hips and the girls screamed, you were getting it right. When I came out so many people came up to me and said, ‘Thank you. He said: ‘I’m looking for a boyfriend, not a father with a family.’ And I said to him: ‘You’ve found a grown-up, full-fledged man.’ I created a family structure and if he didn’t understand he’d ask me questions and we were on our way. We traveled to four continents with my sons, very happily.

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There's also a report making the rounds that the supposed couple has a lucrative deal for a magazine tell-all, but... A rep for the 42-year-old Grammy winner and coach for Well, that makes things pretty clear on one front! #Self Love"Martin, who is the proud father of 6-year-old twin boys Valentino and Matteo, came out back in 2010.Drop that dreidel and hold on to your latkes, Menorah Horah is going tropical!Our evening of music, laughs, and burlesque will keep your dreidel spinning on the beach all night long!You've been frank about saying your music appeals to everybody, men and women. The mother of my kids []."The singer wraps today's news post pride and relief.Maybe as a result of that there've been some rumors flying around about your sexuality. "Writing this is a solid step towards my inner peace and vital part of my evolution," he writes.