Restore iphone firmware without updating

I use jailbreak on my i Phone to unleash all the awesomeness of my i Phone. Take a full backup of your i Phone using i Tunes and make sure you choose the backup location to your computer and also include apps in the backup.

It’s always great to use tweaks and hacks that make my device stand out from the rest. Every time a new i OS update is released, I have to manually restore my i Phone through i Tunes. I researched a lot and then I came to the conclusion that you have to bend the rules sometimes to get things done. This will make sure you don’t waste bandwidth to restore your i Phone.

Now open this page and check if your phone is a GSM or a Global Model.

Having done that, head over to and download the latest IPSW file for your i Phone.

Don’t complain later that you thought it wouldn’t matter.

A new version of the i OS for your device brings new features, bug fixes, and exciting changes to the way you use your phone.

Warning: Please don’t disconnect the phone from the computer till the progress is complete and you see the welcome screen on your i Phone.

The blobs are easy to save, and you never know when or why you might need them.

They will allow most already jailbroken users to move to 10.3.1 later if a newer jailbreak is released. Normally I’d advise staying on the lowest firmware possible, but this time around, some people should perhaps upgrade, though we can’t know for certain either way.

64-bit unjailbroken users, such as i Phone 7( ) on i OS 10.2 , i Phone 6 on i OS 9.3.5, etc, should consider upgrading.

As you don’t have a jailbreak already, you don’t have as much to lose by upgrading to i OS 10.3.1.