Religions predating judaism

The fact that scholars do not even know the century when he lived is worth noting.His religion was dualistic–meaning that the world view of Zoroaster was a battle between forces of good and evil which the good does not win.As for good sources on this, you will find no “good” sources on the parallels because there are none.

What we can say is that Abraham and Moses both lived long before Zoroaster.The Mosaic Law, the Psalms of David and many of the prophets wrote before Zoroaster was even born.Therefore it is common sense to conclude it is more likely that Judaism influenced Zoroaster than vice versa.This was the dominant religion in the ruling class of the Persian Empire in the sixth to fourth centuries BC.Zoroastrianism has been virtually eliminated in Iran today by Islam, but there is a very small remnant of the religion today in India.