Red deer dating girls

To answer Hope's question...first of all, because we're MEN, silly!

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when i asked why he had run away the first time he refused to tell me, but i actually feel that he was getting to like me too much and was afraid of his own feelings!

I have dated other aquarius men who were distant and aloof, and too be honest more than eccentric, but this man is funny, intriging, adventurous, compassionate, unpredictable(in a good way) and like myself a parent and from what I can see a very good parent. he told me (in front of his mom) who he thinks the hottest girl in school is... he stares alot though, and i do too, can somebody help me? You have gotten caught in the Aquarius wheel of torture.

He has passion and ethics and only wants to do what's right. i used to hav fun with him, whenever he would see me hed go crazy, start calling out to me, and point me out to whoever was near. so i came over and started chatting up his mom, ( i am only sixteen) he was over there ( i ahd actually taken his seat) i love his mom, but the only thing he asked me was if i was going to be at church sunday, and if he could borrow apen!! The reason it works out ok for me is because I am an Aquarian and I GET them.

I am an aquarius woman and I met an aquarius man in June and we started talking and talking and a few weeks later we were dating.

We have continued to communicate in a way that I have never communicated before.