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In 2008, the value of chemical product shipments was approximately billion.In 2009, the value of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas shipped by pipeline was approximately billion.For example, spills and releases of products such as acids and oils can result in the death of wildlife and the contamination of ecosystems. Recent incidents resulting in the release of dangerous products include In February 2011, a gas pipeline exploded near Beardmore in Northern Ontario.Photo: Kimberley Brunet On 2 February 2001, a train derailment in Red Deer, Alberta, caused the release of nearly 72 tonnes of anhydrous ammonia (used in fertilizers and refrigeration, among other things).

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While major spills and releases involving dangerous products are rare, they can have significant consequences for Canadians’ health, the economy, and the natural environment.

They do this by monitoring and enforcing compliance with legislation and standards and by taking actions to ensure that regulated organizations have appropriate and effective mechanisms in place to respond if an emergency does occur.

In 2011–12, regulatory oversight activities accounted for about 63 staff and .3 million at the National Energy Board and 74 staff and .7 million at Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Directorate.

We examined how Transport Canada and the National Energy Board determine whether regulated organizations have complied with established legislation and standards in transporting dangerous products and whether they have prepared emergency response plans.

We did not look at emergency response and recovery activities that would take place following an incident.