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After time has passed, and if she honors your true feelings, she could provide more reasons why she said her “goodbyes,” leading you to better closure.

Word to the wise here: Only do this if you’re really past any lingering or hard feelings.

Are you currently rebounding from a relationship or have in the past?

What are some of the things you’ve done to deal with it?

She should be able to give you valuable insights and grasp the situation fairly well.

However, she might say something you’d rather not hear, like another guy could be in the picture, so be prepared.

But dating again can only heal you if you’re emotionally available to give love another try.

Don’t do this until a respectable amount of time has passed.

I guarantee they’ve all been standing in your spot at one time or another.It cuts deeply into our masculinity, our leadership, our esteem and (yes) our emotions.Some of us have the ability to move forward with very little downtime.Don’t wait till you’re curled up on the couch and surviving on pizza delivery.These folks are very good at what they do and only have your best interests in mind. Each of us can periodically benefit from a little guidance.