Reasons for dating a baseball player horsey online dating

Sure, it's difficult to make all 162 each season, but baseball fans sure as hell try.

With apps and real-time updates, it makes it so easy for women to follow the game on the go. These women are in it for the long haul, both on the field and in a relationship.

But if you are looking for someone to take home to mom, marry and share a long, healthy life with, I would say a baseball fan is your best bet.

No matter her loyalty, a baseball fan is a perfect person to pursue a relationship with in the long run.

When it's your boyfriend makes a play, hits a double, or even strikes out..will feel the same emotions they feel. You are constantly throwing them balls or learning the correct batting form. You aren't dating the "muscle head."With these guys, life does not constantly revolve around the gym. No matter how big or small my problems may seem, he is always there for me.

You get to hear about all the blood, sweat, and tears and oddly enough, it is comforting because you know that you are with someone who is not lazy and is working toward their ultimate dream.4. While working out is important, it's not always about lifting. Even when on the road, he takes the time to call me and tell me about his day and how things are going.

These terms had little or no meaning to me two years ago.

Sure, I'd been to my share of Major League Baseball games in the summer for dollar hot dog nights or occasionally to a high school game as a freshman to feel involved in the "high school life" with friends (okay, and maybe get a quick glance of some baseball booty).

My editor Lauren recently shared her thoughts on the male soccer player’s nonpareil physique.Stumped as to where to find your next summer romance? You’ll find me reclining in an Adirondack chair behind the fence where those two cute girls are hitting, bib cinched around my neck. If you’re skeptical of the tennis player’s sex appeal, consider they offer the following: Related: Meet the Olympic Hotties, Tennis Edition Football has tights, baseball has stirrups, volleyball has kneepads and tennis has … Fun fact: Two or three times a year, the tennis player — much like his golf-club wielding brethren — will likely insist on a vacation to some remote tennis resort. Tennis apparel is among the classiest, trendiest and most versatile of sporting outfits, presumably in an attempt to save players a trip to the locker room when transitioning from practice court to cocktail party.Here are four reasons why men should date a baseball fan: The Major League Baseball season takes up the better part of the year, with 162 games and even more as October rolls around.These baseball fans are around for every second of it.