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This projector uses the same chassis as previous models in the line. It's a projector that demands proper installation – be it on the ceiling or nestled into a wall unit. Setup is a manual, using zoom and focus rings on the top of the unit.

And if the book had only been that, I would have been more than satisfied. is a book about the contemporary dating scene, where more and more people are meeting online, and even when we do meet in person, we do most of our communicating through the internet or our phones, by writing instead on talking.This is a sublime projector which makes HD sources look sensational.There's a versatile collection of presets available, including an effective Game mode for input lag reduction.It is actually the culmination of a multi-year sociological study that Ansari undertook with Eric Klinenberg, examining modern dating behaviours, comparing them to the way dating worked for older generations, and taking in quantitative and qualitative data, all coming together into some very real perspectives and advice on navigating the world of modern romance.Ansari takes you with him through the research process and findings, speaking always in layperson terms, and injecting his personal brand of humour into the discussions in natural and relatable ways.