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Online advertisers really want to present ads that you might click on.To that end, they use a variety of techniques to pin down your browsing habits. It's a creepy feeling in the real world, and spying happens in the cyber realm, too.Spyware is just one kind of malware, and the best antivirus utilities should also do the best job protecting you from spyware.As the name implies, a keylogger keeps a log of all the keys you type, everything from personal messages to username and password combinations.If you have a keylogger running on your system, chances are good that some crooked individual planted it specifically to spy on you.The keylogger can even be a physical device, installed between the keyboard and the PC.We call them keyloggers, but in truth these nasty programs log a ton of information in addition to keystrokes.

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The chart above doesn't aim to call out the best antivirus products.The historic Trojan horse looked innocuous enough to the soldiers of Troy that they brought it inside the city walls.Bad idea; Greek soldiers exited the horse in the night and conquered the Trojans.Most capture screenshots, save the contents of the clipboard, note every program you run, and log every website you visit.The perp can use these various threads of information to, for example, match up a username and password you typed with the website you were visiting at the time. As noted, a first-class malware protection utility should wipe out keyloggers, along with all other types of malware.