Radcombobox selectedvalue not updating Sex chat40plus free

The Items Requested event is fired when a callback is initiated from the client-side - when the user types in the combobox input field or when the user clicks the drop-arrow image.

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Additionally the Rad Combo Box items are not accessible on the server-side when loading them on demand and that is why they cannot be accessed using the server-side Find Item By Text / Value methods - please take a look at this help article.

Hi oned , thanks for reply I checked that code but same problem, i think there is no items in Radcombobox4 assigning time, but code is correct Agent Id matching value is there in radcombobox but it always shows null.

Hi, By design when a Rad Combo Box with enabled Load-On-Demand feature is loaded - it is empty and it has no items.

If I then go and re-open the Calendar, it's still pointing to the old date... I meant that the selection is made from the calendar, while the dropdown is opened.

We understand the problem, just the Calendar is not supposed to update its value in this case.