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Sometimes, I get some of it done and a lot of the time, I don’t.

You know, things like getting Christmas planned, reminding my children to be thankful with our Gratitude Jar, and maybe even decorating our home a little.

I use Wilton’s Decorator Preferred Fondant because it rolls out smoothly, is very easy to work with, and doesn’t crack. Once your fondant is rolled out to the width of a fingernail, you’ll start cutting flowers.

I used a small flower shape from the Wilton Gum Paste flower kit. When they are all punched out, add a white nonperil (or two!

But, it always works out better when they think it’s their idea or that it’s a game. When my kids have a free minute, they choose a slip from the jar and do the activity.

So, a few years ago, I introduced them to The Gratitude Jar. The best part about The Gratitude Jar is that you can use it however it best fits into your home. What has made this successful so far is that The Gratitude Jar is constructive, it’s a privilege. Sometimes, they do the same activities at the same time.

(But most of these apply to all celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, you name it! Carving your initials in a wax candle is where it’s at, folks! And while Melanie says this only took her 30 minutes or so to create the entire thing, pillow cover and all, you could always hijack one of those random throw pillows you have lying around, and give it a facelift with the heart pocket! You can check out the new edition HERE for blogland’s latest and greatest on the DIY gift front! If you have an insatiable appetite for the kind of gifts that aren’t complicated, time-consuming, or expensive, guess what?

So, save this one for future reference.) I’ve divided the list up into three categories: Here’s a similar concept, but instead of notes around the house, pop this “I Love You Because” printable into a frame and fill in the blank with a dry erase marker all year round. (And if you don’t have a linoleum carver, I betcha a small flathead or cuticle remover tool would work just fine n’ dandy! I wrote a 143-page e Book to help my comrades come up with meaningful and one-of-a-kind gift ideas quickly, some in as short as 5 minutes.

With Christmas coming, the inevitable “I want, I want” is about to get stuck in high gear.

Or if you are running out of time and need to come up with something FABULOUS for Father's Day--these ideas should take you 15 minutes or less to prepare. - Get the kids involved by asking them what they love most about their dad or grandpa.

Type up and print their responses and attach them to small items that illustrate their answers.

I want to encourage them to do things for others; but, when you’re little, it can be hard to think about others before yourself.

I want to offer my kids the opportunity to learn to put others ahead of themselves.