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There’s no better “skill” to learn than to know how to navigate and utilize the Word of God. Pray that they would be using their singleness well and preparing for marriage. Share your talents there so that you might experience life as it was given to you to experience. If you do, however, you can be sure that a spouse will not fall through the ceiling into your lap.

You’ll learn who God is and what He desires for you, and be able to give Godly counsel to others when they are in need. Pray that they would know God and walk faithfully with Him. (Hebrews -25) Nothing will prepare you for marriage better than having a really dysfunctional roommate. Some single people say, “I like living by myself.” Well, then you are going to HATE marriage. (If they did, go back to number 4.) To find a spouse, you need to be where future spouses are—see also number 7. – JP Related posts: 10 Ways to Ruin Your Life in Your 20s Who Should I Date?

Sitting together cuddled up in a dark room on a comfy couch, alone, for hours on end, is placing you both in temptation’s way.

Likewise deciding to place yourselves in a situation where you have been previously tempted or amorous is also irresponsible.

And contrary to what some people think, being single is not a curse.

If you believe that “real life begins when you get married,” you’ve swallowed some bad advice.

We should strive to remain pure of heart (What is your intention in this relationship?

Again, you’ll never have more time to study, and you’ll never have more years to benefit from learning it and putting it into practice. At some point in life your metabolism slams on the brakes, but your eating habits and exercise habits continue as before. (1 Corinthians -20) Disregard this one if you don’t want to be married.

But if you love your sister—and yourself—why would you take that chance?

The same concept applies to a dating or courting relationship.

The time you spend single—which may be a temporary life stage, or could be your whole life—is actually a gift, and you should treat it like one.

Being single gives you the opportunity to do some things that would become more difficult after marriage, and also to properly prepare for marriage if that is your goal. You’ll never have more free time than you do right now, as a single person. (1 Timothy ) You can always travel, but you can’t always travel anywhere.