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After Operation Rescue disbanded, Shelly Shannon and other radical members of the rescue movement felt persecuted by both the abortion industry and the federal government.

This tragically led Shannon to engage in a pattern of abortion clinic violence.

The information that Haugeberg provides is both interesting and accurate.

Haugeberg describes a press conference that Operation Rescue held after a week-long protest in New York City in May 1988.

Loesch reached out to social justice movements and tried to get anti-war and anti-nuclear activists interested in pro-life activism, but she appeared to have more success getting pro-life activists interested in various peace movements than vice versa. Shannon became involved with Operation Rescue after attending a pro-life meeting in Oregon and watching a video of an abortion being performed.

During the 1980s, she travelled around the country to participate in clinic blockades and was arrested nearly 50 times.

Still, the history of the pro-life movement is not complete.

After decades of politicization, the pro-life movement is often portrayed as monolithic and uncooperative, but nothing could be further from the truth.