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As a dating coach and author of the up-coming brand new e Book, When Women Wake Up: “The Single Gal’s Guide to Getting Real, Letting Go and Getting a Great Guy,” Lorraine is dedicated to helping you attract your true love in a fun, easy, quick, positive and healthy way.

It's never too late to be the one you've always wanted to be. Romance: I googled him, he has a criminal record Dear Dr.

So we try to arm ourselves as best we can, because no matter how many broken hearts we bury, the battle for love must go on.

Ask yourself, what lesson was I supposed to learn from my previous involvements?

Doing this will give you some insight on what you need to differently when dating. Don’t project qualities and characteristics onto someone you don’t even know yet – Be careful not to try and make someone into somebody they are not in order to justify being in a relationship with them.

We have no problem throwing caution to the wind, expecting the best because we don’t have a personal point of reference.

It’s not until we have experienced the sting of unrequited love for ourselves that the reality of cultivating a long-term commitment maybe more challenging than we originally thought.