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Do not leave the budgeting solely to those left back home. Have a stake in your finances and be involved in your long-term vision instead of handing it to someone who has no idea how much you've worked for every dollar, dinar, or euro.God knows we've heard so many stories of OFWs working hard for years and years, only to discover that relatives have siphoned off every opportunity for them to come home to the proverbial "better life." Check long-term balances frequently. Ask for progress reports and detailed photos of that house you're building. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor, too.Knowing there is always some luxury your family is waiting for makes one feel inadequate and unable to focus on more important objectives. Pay your debts Rarely is anyone able to pursue their dream of an OFW life without the help of loans. Remember that you will one day return to your family who will need you to be healthy and in good spirits. Study the technicalities Always be up to date on immigration practices, rules and laws that apply to you.Before you spend on yourself and take requests for presents, create a plan to pay off all your debts. Don't just rely on your agency or recruiter to tell you what to do.

But there are some ways to make the struggles feel worthwhile, and the pain a bit more purposeful. Have a plan If you are at your country of designation temporarily, decide how many years you are planning to be away and how much money you plan on saving up.

If you plan on having your family join you, move towards that goal and prepare for their arrival by studying immigration laws, and by building a home for them where you are. Establish a schedule Just like in all long-distance relationships, lack of a plan leads to resentment and unmet expectations.

Being an OFW should mean the end of "." Take charge of your present and your future now that you have the means. Treat communication schedules as written in stone and be present for set times to talk on the phone or on video chat.

No matter how repetitive and boring it feels after a long day, have conversations with your children.

Being physically absent doesn't mean you have to be emotionally unavailable as well.