Pie chart labels not updating Sex chat cardable

Is there a way to set the range colors so they are the same for each month whether there is data or not? If I were to have data in excel just like the table below, and then make line charts with that data.To remove data item from the chart, click the button below the data item's property section.Use the arrows and to arrange the order of the data item sections.As you collect new responses, the min and max values may adjust—the min value cannot be greater than the lowest value in the chart and the max value cannot be lower than the highest value in the chart.At this time, it's not possible to customize chart colors using hex codes.

Choose from our selection of beautifully designed charts, input your own data, and watch the chart change before your eyes.All is well and good until I have to come back around and add rounds 11, 12, and 13 to the data.If the 'Select Data' had Minutes and Cartons set as Series they would originally go from rows 2 to 11 in their respective columns, but since I added 3 new data points, I want the chart to automatically update to graph rows 2 to 14.Edit the display options to fine-tune the way your data displays—combine or hide answer choices or edit chart colors or labels.It's pretty common to want to update charts after they've been created.