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Whatever username you choose, you’re going to want to keep it consistent through the various social media channels. People may have winced when they heard Eric Schmidt’s username choice, however, your audience won’t wince. That means NOT selecting a username that you won’t be able to secure everywhere. Eric Schmidt can get away with picking a username that most people will assume is spam because He’s Eric. With that in mind, here are some tips for how to pick a memorable username that doesn’t blow as bad as Eric’s. Real people aren’t afraid to tie their Web actions to their person.[Update: Of course, right as I publish this Eric Schmidt has now changed over to the verified @ericschmidt username. If I was Eric Schmidt, this is the route I would have taken.[@Eric Schmidt looks to be suspended on Twitter (probably because someone was impersonating him).I would have contacted Twitter in order to grab it.Or, if you’re not a spammer, then you were probably one of the few people really saddened when Geocities recently went away. We’ve all been burned and harassed by people promising to make us 0 a day on the Internet.If I see that account friend or start following me, I’m going to immediately block it.

You know what the problem is with using @eschmidt0 as your username?It doesn’t distinguish you from anyone else using that same lame system.You don’t stand out from @eschmidt1, @eschmidt5, @eschmidt7 or, if we’re getting really crazy, even @mschmidt91.Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined Twitter this weekend and decided that going in disguised as a dirty spammer was the way to go. In fact, he didn’t even take the time to upload an avatar. It helps you build up your personal authority, you secure your personal search space, and I think it does a lot to build trust.The crack username he claimed for himself was “eschmidt0”. I guess if it’s not Google, it aint gonna get no respect from the Eric. You need to pick a username that’s going to help brand your company, that’s interesting and that will bring value to what you’re doing. It’s common knowledge that only shady people (like Sugarrae) hide behind monikers.