Physical chemistry in dating

If you hear yourself saying things like, 'I don't know, sex with him seems like it could be kind of ...awkward,' then you probably don't have chemistry with this guy--or at least not the kind that will blow your skirt up.Or was it the other way around; loads in common but the butterflies and physical attraction just wasn’t there?It’s that age old question; is chemistry more important than compatibility or vice versa?We’re all looking for the perfect relationship but is there such a thing and can we realistically have it all?Chemistry versus compatibility Compatibility usually corresponds to the long-term potential between a couple.

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Read on for some insight into your chemistry with your current — or future — bae. “It’s important to use your critical judgment to decide [if you’re right as a couple].” Rather than looking at physical chemistry as an indication that your S. Let’s not downplay the role of chemistry here: “Chemistry creates the foundation for building a life with someone,” Dr. If you loved your first lip-locking sesh, it might be worth digging deeper into these six levels of chemistry. Personality: This is how well you two get along on a human level. Here are three things you can do to make it easier. You might not know that someone intellectually stimulates you until you watch the presidential debates with them, for example. “The end goal of deciphering chemistry is to make a healthy decision about who you should spend your time with,” she said.Think: how drawn you are to your boo’s personality — not their body. Lifestyle: People with similar personalities often have similar lifestyles. “Utilize that information to get into a relationship that’s good for you.” What role does chemistry play in your relationship? For example, novelty-seeking type personalities probably go on more trips than other types of personalities. And Laura: I picked the name partly because it rhymed with Pickle, which is what I originally wanted his last name to be, mainly because the word "pickle" is in a song we were talking about. But THAT didn't go over well at all, as you can imagine.