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The 20 million careful owners of James Blunt’s sensitive soft-rock albums may have always believed him to be a name to drop in fashionable circles, but his brilliantly witty emergence on Twitter, the gung-ho Top Gear appearances (he attempted to roll the ‘reasonably priced’ guest car, and raced the fastest lap ever recorded in wet conditions) and his unapologetic, latter-day playboy lifestyle have sealed the deal for the singer whose hits include You’re Beautiful, Goodbye My Lover and 1973.

There was the experience I had in Pristina airport when [US Nato Commander] Wesley Clark told us to overrun and overpower 200 Russians because they’d beaten us to the airport,’ he remembers.‘I don’t think I’m qualified to say much,’ Blunt warns, ‘but there is a massive humanitarian crisis going on, and as with all wars it is the civilians who suffer.We can’t ignore the civilian problem and for that I think we have to get involved.’In complete contrast, and possibly as a reaction to the horrific world of war, Blunt’s civilian social life has become the stuff of legend.I said, “I really can’t because I’ve opened a Pandora’s box and I’m enjoying it.”’The quickfire social medium has proved popular with the pithy and profound, but it has unfortunately also become a playground for bullies, sex pests and worse.Blunt’s smoking-out and slapping-down of these internet trolls is a joy to behold.‘I don’t think any of them have been that delusional,’ he breezes.