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The witnesses were Patrick Rainey and Elizabeth Devine.

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"(O) Feeney) O' Fiannaidhe (soldier) earlier form O' Feinneadha, a sept (or clan) of the Ui Fiachrach in north Cannacht. My feeling is that her mother's maiden name may have been Mc Donald.Since there were no Feeneys listed in Knockakillew 1827, I don't know the association, if any, of these two families to the previous generation. In the 1857 Griffith, he is renting a house, land and office from Colonel Charles Knox and sharing 12 acres with Martin Moran and Mary Farrell.The Griffiths in 1857 listed Carnaroya is a townland just to the east of the town of Ballinrobe and south of the road that is a continuation of Glebe Street. The total annual valuation of ratable property was 5 pounds and 8 shillings.Fanny Feeney and John Walsh did not have any children baptized in Castlebar. The reason for this is that in Connaght there are two different septs---- O Fiannaidhe in Sligo and Mayo and O' Fidhne in Galway and Roscommon; both of these anglicized their names as Feeney so that, as all these counties are close together, it is hardly possible to determine to which sept present day Feeneys belong-----the great majority of these hail form the four counties mentioned above. The death certificae indicates that she had been ill for "months", there was no medical attention and the death was "uncertified".There is no strong association between Fanny and any of the other Feeneys in Ballinrobe. There are two places named Ballyfeeney, both in Co. The name was more numerous formerly than at present and it appears very frequently in the Elizabethan Fiants and in the census of 1659. Fanny Feeney married John Walsh on February 18, 1856 in Castlebar.