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Tohru Adachi, junior detective partnered with Yu's uncle, manages to release the boys.

Chie, meeting them at the police station, reveals that Yukiko has gone missing, prompting Adachi to believe that Yukiko may be involved with the recent murders.

They find a room with a noose and encounter an anthropomorphic bear named Teddie, who hands Yu a pair of glasses allowing him to see through the fog.

Inside, Yosuke hears Saki's suppressed thoughts about her hatred towards him and his association with Junes.Just as the group are pinned down, Yu's power awakens as he summons his Persona named Izanagi to defeat the Shadows.In the Velvet Room, Igor and Margaret present a key to their guest, welcoming him to return whenever he wishes.Yu goes out with Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka to Junes, a department store Yosuke's father manages, to celebrate their friendship.Chie brings up the Midnight Channel, a strange "television show" that appears on rainy nights. Back at home, an interview is shown on the news about a girl who had witnessed the murder.