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I have a male cat that started peeing on my bed but we figured out what the problem was---I had reunited with my husband after a separation and he was put out because of it. By the way, he only peed on my husbands side of the bed!!!

Katlady with Sahara, Cutie Pie, Blanca, Hazi, Angel, Uzziel, Uriel, Seraphina, and Ambriel, Callie, Kira, Annabelle, Grayson and Speckles, Angel2, Jezzie, Delihlia, Bathsheba, Houdini, Tempe, Chandler, Peavey, and Mesa, Stevie Ray, Myeta, Cady, Misty, Sandy, God you poor thing, I have 11 cats and live in Spain and have never had one pee on the bed.

And since he can't tell you he's sick, he pees on your stuff to get your attention that he needs help.

Other reasons for this kind of peeing (if illness has been treated, or ruled out) is: ~not enough litter boxes, ~dirty litter boxes, ~litter boxes in a too busy place.

He wrote: “As much as I hate the guy I can’t help but feel his latest controversy is good news for anyone with a pee fetish.

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What is his freakin problem and how can I stop it, I\ve used cat sprays, I\ve bought all new things, I\ve caught him in the act and hit him on the bum, what else can I do. I understand your frustration but he is trying to tell you something.Make sure your partner has a copy of today’s paper! ” While there is no suggestion thus far that the allegations made in the dossier are true, it’s clear the possibility of a President-Elect with a love for something more golden than his hair is exciting piss fetish enthusiasts everywhere. I want to freakin' strangle him, its getting expensive always replacing the bed and bedding!!!!The only way to diagnose a UTI is if the vet takes a urine sample from the cat and tests it.He obviously have a reason not to use the box, since he is not using it. When you began using that box did you make the change gradually, by giving him a choice of old box and new box, or did you just switch boxes with no transition? If he doesn't like the new box, he will continue to pee elsewhere. The new litter box is a prime example (if it is new).