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The fact that Daniel is out of the picture, Paul's not a disposable asset anymore. That helps him out and helps him progress his own cause.

It seems like he's being blackmailed into doing this, but there is something much bigger that this guy is involved with. He would want nothing more than to burn the Dyad corporation to the ground, I think.

(.) I don't know how much you can say "Paul gets around" because it seems these clones are the aggressor in these situations.

It's so empowering because we have a brilliant female lead and all these brilliant female characters. You've hinted several times that Paul has an agenda.

Paul's not helping himself in the friend department this season now that he's on the other side of things.

When that elevator got to the top floor [in the season-one finale] and they were both gone, the writers wrote it a bunch of different ways, where Paul might have gone off with Sarah.

Forced to work for the enemy and "promoted" to be Rachel's monitor, Paul did several questionable things at the request of his powerful boss.

From planting Felix's fingerprints on Daniel's murder weapon used to kill the police officer to having sex with Rachel, Paul isn't exactly winning over any of his old friends. 1 right now, and he definitely has an agenda," Bruce tells Declassified, Bruce breaks down the latest episode, the Sarah factor and whether Paul can ever be redeemed. At the same time, I think he actually is a little terrified of Rachel. The episode's big "wow" moment was Rachel and Paul's sex scene.

Fans have since speculated about ongoing drama within her squad (particularly concerning her friend Tessa Brooks), but few details were actually known about the whole situation — until now, that is.Our director for this last episode, Helen Shaver, she's very good in the realm of sexuality. A lot of the moving parts in that scene were added by her.It's almost like Rachel's inspecting Paul like he's a derby horse -- looking at his teeth, making sure that he's clean and worthy of her. (.) The scene between the two of them, and Art, is brilliant too.Would he still lend her a hand if given the opportunity? They’ll use each other when they need to but they’re both going to be pushing their own agendas. After what he did to her brother [Felix], which was pretty terrible, I could understand her wanting to put a bullet between his eyes.She pistol-whip him in the face [in the season-two premiere]. Paul’s far down on her list of people she wants to help, but she did save him in episode seven last year. How is Paul adjusting to his new role as Rachel’s monitor?