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"I welcome Frank and Melissa in their new roles on House of Cards and look forward to collaborating with them and our creative team on Season 5," Spacey said at the time.

It’s a story that does cross over, and IFC realised that.

A closer relationship with her i Pad might yet beckon in the lengthy vacation she has planned for herself following her return to the Big Apple: “I have to take a break,” she sighs, while relishing her current ability to determine her own working schedule. She maybe wasn’t a brilliant actress, but I think that was almost her power. That’s what I love about her.” Her face clouds over slightly.

“There’s going to be a lot of nudity in it, so I’m working out now, even inside my apartment.” One hopes she won’t exert herself too hard; after all, her self-promised vacation should allow time for some inactivity.

“You know what, on my résumé, under skills, that’s going down there.

Maybe when I’m 80, they’ll give me a special Oscar for it.