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"If you didn't know Big Bang at all, you could watch this show on its own," Parsons told Entertainment Weekly.

"It's a family with three kids, one of which is very special." "The Good Doctor" on ABC, on the other hand, acknowledges the main character's autism from the start.

"Young Sheldon," the spinoff to "The Big Bang Theory" will feature the early life of the popular character Sheldon Cooper.

Emmy winner Jim Parsons played the role for over a decade on the mother show.

Freddie Highmore plays the surgical resident Shaun Murphy, who also has a neurodevelopmental disorder called savant syndrome.

The former IT Crowd quirky leading man — who’s been a staple of the British comedy world over the past decade, as well as a critically acclaimed filmmaker — would certainly bring a nerdy sensibility back to the role, à la Tennant.He has openly spoken about his “itching” desire to play in Doctor, even months before Capaldi announced he was leaving the show. “The hashtag #Vlahos For Who is what I’m trying to get going,” he said. "Young Sheldon," this time played by child actor Iain Armitage, is set in the late '80s as the boy enters high school at 9-years-old.Although a spinoff, the show is miles different from "The Big Bang Theory" in treatment and delivery.