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[ 1,805, -108] Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo became a hot issue in 'All In' 6. [ 158, -18] So what if your drama flopped when you gained yourself a lover - 2. City Hunter's Lee Minho and Park Min Young, Worlds Within's Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, etc. Still she is so humble and down to earth as well as keep her philanthropist deeds go on to help social welfares for poor children and animal shelters..

[ 295, -9] I'm sure there are lots drama couples are currently dating right now, although we can't pinpoint who those are 7. hyunbin nd sohyekyo [ 509, -102] All In - Lee Byun Hun ♡ Song Hye Kyo, Full House - Rain ♡ Song Hye Kyo oh they dated? in her free time, she goes to animal shelters around South Korea to help bathing the dogs and cats..

Story depicts people drinking alcohol alone for different reasons and the romance between Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin) and Shin-Ib (Park Ha-Sun).

Jung-Suk is an arrogant, but popular instructor and Shin-Ib is a rookie instructor.

He can melt my ahjumma heart ;) Kudos to the creator of this scenario/setup. Annoyed by the other male professor's acting,so lame.Basically every other character apart from the main two have some sort of appeal to them. I hope they keep the cast exactly the same for the second season!!! Give the main couple more couple scenes in the second season please!!The leads are just mediocre and plain and I swear I fell asleep watching their scenes. Really its true...a must watch show....situations depicted very well at their best.....really season 2 is happening i really like to see trio love story ....i liked key and chae yeaon's chemistry....i want more screen presence of them..... If they stay at Noryangjin, I hope they center in on the trio of guys who are stuck there...There were funny scenes that made me laugh and the three friends Gong Myung, Ki Bum and Dong Young plus Chae Yeon were entertaining though some of their antics and behavior were annoying and childish. trust me there will be very cute chemistry developing between the characters. The way they act really makes me want to be in their circle. he should think about their loves, especially how much park hana loves his hyung,why he still doesn't want to give up on her? i can't wait for the next episodes, hope it will be happy ending for all. Yea almost all of us have the experience of broken heart. I keep watching because I do like Premium Trash professor. Finally all professors realized the truth behind Prof Min weird behavior. High quality trash is the only one who still have no clue about it, but maybe he won't care high quality trash ;p at first, i didnt notice this drama.. I'm kindda addicted now with that My heart needs to feel the love between Park Ha-Na and Gong Myung! If she doesn't want to give him this f*cking bucket of love I'll freak out!The mix of stories of the seniors ( teachers) and the juniors (students) was refreshing especially after watching so many rom-coms that developed almost in the same pattern. Anyway, despite the loopholes and flaws, I still enjoyed the series. Very glad I kept watching and would highly recommend. The main leads are lack of chemistry, Gong-myung affection towards Park Hana is better eventhough it's one-sided love. He's been hurt, built tough defenses, but when he melts, it will be super sexy. but when i started watching it, i'd liked to continue watching it. But I know that she will choose Jin Jung-Suk so my boy is already fucked up.