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For the first few seasons, they seemed like the most stable leg of the zany Braverman table.They raised their son (Max Burkholder) with patience and good cheer after he received a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome, and if meant that their daughter Haddie (Sarah Ramos) occasionally got short shrift, the atmosphere in their house was such that she grew up in a dignified, smart young woman none the less.Some did not like the idea of them kissing – especially since they played brother and sister on the hit NBC series, Whether Mae and Miles will ever be more than friends is not clear – only time will tell.

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The actor continued: "It's a private life situation, so we keep it private [and] quiet."Krause went on to praise Graham for being a "pretty great" girlfriend.Crosby is unsure how he feels about Jasmine dating and she wonders if she now fits in the Braverman family.Meanwhile, Kristina (Monica Potter) is concerned about Crosby and Adam's new business venture.But my affection for Adam and Kristina began to curdle last season.After recovering from breast cancer, Kristina decided to run for mayor of Berkeley against her old consulting client, Bob Little (Jonathan Tucker).