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Trump’s “brash” rhetoric might also account for the site’s monotony: , a cap-and-trade coalition.

Member states of RGGI put strict limits on how much power plants can emit annually, but allow power plants to buy credits if they want to pollute more. According to the Northam’s win was also a rejection of his pro-oil opponent Ed Gillespie, who promised to increase offshore drilling and supported Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris agreement.

Jay Inslee (D) could find enough allies to advance his environmental and climate agenda, which for years has included trying to pass a carbon tax.

In 2015, a Republican-controlled legislature refused to take action on a cap-and-trade bill backed by Inslee; in the meantime, Inslee has directed the state Department of Ecology to craft a plan for carbon emission reductions, but has suggested that he would prefer passing a carbon tax through the legislature.

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But, in retrospect, it looks like these decisions backfired: Gillespie was annihilated in Virginia’s suburbs.

Notably, Northam vastly outperformed Hillary Clinton with white voters, and particularly with college-educated white voters.

In fact, there's every chance that Blue will never make it to where you live. Not to mention apps such as Raya, Luxy, and The League, which exclusively court rich, famous and educated patrons.

Despite rolling out in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo, the app won't go live until 1,000 local members are available. There's also nothing prohibiting celebs from just sliding into one another's DMs on Twitter -- like all the other creepy folk on the platform.