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But right before middle school graduation, I came home from school one afternoon to find my mother and grandmother rummaging through my closet. They were cutting my skinny jeans into pieces and throwing them away. When I asked my mom why, she said, "They're inappropriate and revealing. For the first time in middle school, I was relieved to have a uniform.

grade, I started pestering my mom about enrolling me in high school.

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About two weeks into our stay, my sisters sat me down and started doing my hair and makeup.In fact, I really wanted a job, even if it was just working at my step-dad's gas station. I even asked my step-dad if I could get a workers' permit, which you can get at 15 in Chicago, and he said, "Sure! Facebook was the only way for me to stay in touch with my friends." But just like with high school, nothing ever happened. I made up a random name that my parents could never guess and chatted with friends throughout the day.Every time I asked if she'd done it, she'd say, "Not yet." In July, she said, "I'm signing you up for an all girls' school." But there was a wait list, so then it was going to be online school.I even did my own research and had pamphlets sent to the house, but nothing happened.