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To the OP, don't waste your time with online dating. This is interesting as it's a conversation I've had with many women.It will only get you frustrated and waste your time. White guys with Asian women are very common yet white women with Asian men are very rare. I imagine as white women are high maintenance and think they deserve their dream man, which is usually 6 foot tall, very handsome, athletic, wealthy. My advice would be stay away from internet dating and try and make something happen in the "real world".Dear all, My name is S, and I am alcoholi...wrong forum :p Have been a long term browser of this excellent forum, this has been a reliable source of counsel over a decade.There has been one issue that has been troubling me for sometime now.Many people say that my biggest pitfall is probably my proclivity to work excessively.Even for a doctor, I work quite long hours relative to peers.You work in medicine so how about approaching some nurses. I think if the OP tried Ok cupid, he would be very disappointed. I've been plugging away with internet dating for over a decade and all I keep finding are women that are fussy, demanding, judgemental, unwilling to give someone a go, far too busy with children to even go on a date, damaged, bitter, resentful.

Of course i have been in a few relationship, but I have no real baggage.Added to the fact that I am of East Asian Ancestry doesnt help with attracting white women, whom is the group that I am most attracted to. It would be so much easier if I were attracted to asian women.It's strange, but I tend to view Asian women as more sisters/relatives than objects of romance.I am satified in other areas of life, and now really looking to settle down. I think I need to go to real life events to meet people. heck half my street knows what my pyjamas look like by lunchtime. be realistic about who you want to meet if you are doing it online. The peril of online dating is people judge you by a picture.and if you think women have an easier time on the interwebs.. They don't take the time to get to know you or even meet you.