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“My great grandfather chased me down the street with a switch when I was seven.” -Arielle Wallace “I had a tag team butt whopping when I was crazy enough to try to swing back on my mom.” -Aliah Williamson “I remember having one whoppin’, then waiting for the other parent to get home for part two.” -Atira Kennedy “I remember trying to be super good and helpful all day hoping they would forget.” -Candasee “My mom used to grab our legs and tell us, ‘you bet not.’" -Kym Kennedy “I used to get whooped every day at when my dad got home for a year and always with a random house object.” -AJ Peters While many memories may be humorous or painful flashbacks, the real question is just how effective is spanking?

Many believe that because it is in the bible—Proverbs “he who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly”—then it justifies spanking a child as corrective discipline.

Spankings, whoppings, licks, love taps, a dose of act-right, discipline; whatever you want to call it, was every kid’s nightmare.

The cause of the whimper, lip quivering, runny nose and short gasping breaths. You can almost always tell the difference between a child that’s disciplined and a child that co-runs the house.

All it takes is that special look from mom or dad, and you were snapped back into reality.However, there are other ways to get the point across; and no I don’t mean a time out.One mother stated, “I told my son that if he kept acting up in school, then I would hold his hand down the hallway.” Many children respond to verbal correction like explaining the level of disappointment, a recall of rewards like denying a child something they want, or physical correction like spanking.“Go get my belt.” A phrase all too familiar in a spanking household.Your body tenses up, your tears freeze mid trickle down your face, and you suddenly feel the need to pee.