Online dating profile photographers

Sometimes, you meet somebody and you just know you’re going to get along.Dan and I met up for his session and immediately dove into a pantheon of bad dating stories. You could say also that we share our opinion over what the best drink is.A great online dating photographer will evaluate your current photos, will offer suggestions on dating apps/sites, will learn about you and your personality, hobbies and passions and create opportunities to capture you in a natural light — just like a friend would if he / she were good with a camera.Do not get scammed by portrait photographers marketing themselves as online dating photographers.Ask questions and pay attention if the photographer is listening to you or if he or she is trying to just take your photo without context.Want to make a good first impression in the world of online dating? Way back when the Greatest Generation were courting, a good first impression meant attaining a base level of hygiene and human decency.Dating profiles with photos get 10 times more looks than those without; and profiles with QUALITY photos get 4 times more looks than profiles with poor photos ( Why leave it up to chance? I’ve now been a photographer for over 10 years and in that time I’ve photographed a lot of men (including some well-known ones – Damien Lewis, Julio Baptista, Michael Palin, Dara Ó Briain to name a few).Every shoot starts with an initial phone consultation so we can chat about you and the impression you want to create online to attract the kind of women you want to be attracting.

We specialize in providing headshots for those entering (or re-entering) the dating world.Be careful of portrait photographers who bill themselves as online dating photographers, they are just trying to market themselves to another audience.A portrait photographer will have you pose in cookie cutter backgrounds/scenarios, will not ask you for details about your online dating experience, nor ask you about the current photos you have.Fantastic online dating headshots by an experienced professional photographer like Kelly Weaver are what you need to attract high quality individuals into your life.They’ll notice that you took the time and effort to get high quality profile photographs taken to make a great first impression.