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With the uptake in social sites, browser-based IM has brought chat to the places users are on the web. Location Based Chat Instant messaging programs connect people across the internet.

Newer programs like Radius IM and Meetro, connect people by their real-world location.

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Wablet allows you to create multiple personas with different profiles.

You can then embed these chat windows on the web and control which persona each visitor sees.

I use several different services depending on what I want to do and who I want to talk to.

AIM is great for keeping in touch with old friends, Meebo or e Buddy for signing on anywhere, and Skype for business interactions.

Chat service Scribble Here currently works with Open ID. Contextual Chat Several new start-ups have popped up and changed the context of instant messaging from buddy lists to websites and interests.Meebo branched out even further by allowing embeddable chat on any website through their Meebo Me widget.Meebo has had steady growth since we covered their numbers last December.While similar to the old IRC chat rooms by basing conversations around topics, companies like Me.dium, Geesee, the newly launched In Circles, Others Online, and 3bubbles have incorporated your location on the web into chat in different degrees.3Bubbles is an embed that adds a post specific chat window to every blog post.

Online chating on skype with sexy girls