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She looked at me and I knew that something was really wrong,” Hull said.“I flipped her over and I did the Heimlich and right when I did it the veggie chip popped out and she got sick a little."Hull said it took a moment for what happened to set in."Afterward she walked over to me and we just held each other and started crying because it was pretty scary," Hull said.By now you’ve probably seen Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s major flub. When the football player said it was, “funny to hear a female talk about routes” at a press conference (just in case you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t have a Wi Fi connection, he was referring to a female journalist), he caught all kinds of flack.Even though Newton later said that he was trying to give reporter Jourdan Rodrigue a compliment with “sarcasm,” and he admitted he did learn a lesson from the experience. The Philadelphia Eagles fan made an amazingly awesome video (that dad posted on Twitter), detailing diagrams of routes.Matthew Bordeaux, 48, was arrested on Sunday for secretly recording the young woman in their Sunrise, Florida home.The daughter had found pictures and video of herself while she was naked and undressing in the privacy of her bedroom and bathroom.The cameras had memory cards that allowed him to transfer images to the computer.Bordeaux was jailed on two charges of video voyeurism on Monday.

Read: 911 Call Reveals Boy, 8, Frantically Describing How He Saved Brother, 2, From Kidnapper"I heard a noise and it just startled me because I had never heard that noise before and Hollis started running towards me and I could just tell something was wrong.Phil appears to love home repair yet never seems to get around to any of the jobs requested by Claire.Throughout season 1, his ongoing project is fixing the step.She said they each have their own computer profiles, but Bordeaux's was not password-protected and she found a folder marked 'hidden' where the images were kept.The camera was hidden in a wall socket that Bordeaux had allegedly given the daughter when they moved into the home at the beginning of the year.