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Having received serious wounds that required a lengthy convalescence, Balchen turned to an early interest in athletics and trained strenuously as a boxer to represent Norway in the 1920 Olympics.Besides being a championship boxer, he was also an expert marksman and an accomplished skier.The day Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit first played on the radio and I was...... and two nights ago when this artist unknown to me... It turns out this guy has been around the indie circuit for awhile and has many albums under the band name Bright Eyes. Still, if some guy showed up at your house party and started playing heart-tugging songs like Conor Oberst does, you'd be like, "Who is this clown? Which is to say: musical genius is all about the context. Conor Oberst has done more by the age of twenty-four than I'd do with five lifetimes. Perhaps you can suggest your mailman listen to Oberst's "Get-Well-Cards" as he mentions "the postman" several times. Just lingers a bit now and then waiting for a cold one.i have seen bright eyes several times..recently saw conor solo.

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Balchen was the chief pilot, and he was accompanied by Harold June, his co-pilot and radio operator; Ashley Mc Kinley, the flight's photographer; and Commander Richard E.

After observing the crash of the Fokker trimotor, Josephine Ford, belonging to one of his competitors, Lieutenant Commander Richard E. Under Balchen's supervision, the damaged aircraft skis were repaired with improvised wooden supports from a lifeboat's oars and some survival gear was loaned to Byrd for the flight.

This enabled Byrd and his pilot, Floyd Bennett to continue with their attempt to fly to the North Pole and back on .

My first vinyl record ELO - Out of the Blue The day I bought Led Zeppelin Zoso and Houses of the Holy home from the store (and the teenage cashier behind the counter saying how blown away I was going to be? Then they played a song called "Cape Canaveral"...... This is great music and I encourage everyone to investigate. I think he's pretty inspiring as a story, genuinely decent as a human being, and he's got a neat haircut, but he strikes me as a bit of a guitar-pounder who never met a lyric he couldn't overwrite, and you can find a lot of those at an open mike near you. We should be bending over backwards to thank guys like Conor Oberst for existing.

)Discovering Yes and Progressive Rock and sitting by the record player..hours. Normally, most of the bands (in my humble opinion) that play on these late night talk shows... I usually lose interest about a minute into the song and I head for the fridge for munchies. The guy sounded like a cross between Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and the song was...beautiful. Something tells me without the neat haircut, he'd just be Conor, the guy serving me a Mochaccino in Omaha.4.