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The young alpha male crowds at these bars are just a poor excuse of post-college hunters who don't have the right tools for the hunt.Sorry, but frat boy Derek who just graduated from Michigan State with a degree in who gives a crap doesn't stand a chance against myself on the safari.On a typical Saturday night, I'll fall in love with at least two people while riding the train.The hard part, though, is going beyond the fleeting eye contact.For me, going to a bar is like being out on a hunting safari.

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Tinder is like putting a tracking device on the aforementioned lioness and then handcuffing its legs so it basically has no chance at escaping.

And to continue that hunting theme, I have been absolutely mauled on the Highline. Maybe it's the booze or the live music from wannabe 80s rock bands that sooth the lionesses into a state of comfort around me, but whatever it is, it works.

This is also the place where I bagged the rare, 30-year-old Brazilian lion. No, I looked into the lioness' eyes as she lured me back to her den.

For me, I'm more willing to talk to you if you ask me about the book I'm reading. Open Any sporting event is a great place to meet someone with the same interests as you, but I've made it a personal goal to meet my next boyfriend at the U. I used to play tennis, but after I only made the JV team, my inevitable retirement followed and I've since settled for being an avid (read: obnoxious) fan. At the end of the day, if you can't handle me at my worst (crying the second Roger Federer steps onto the court), then you don't deserve me at my best (crying the second Roger Federer steps onto the court).

Pro tip: Your opening line is literally right in front of my face. Head to am every Friday, as Matthew and Kelly take on the realities of dating in NYC from both sexes' points of view.