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As well as photos, members can also add video and audio introductions to their profile, so members know exactly what sort of person they are and what they’re into.These features make profiles with Gay XXX Dates incredibly powerful tools for getting a real insight into the person behind the profile.) they are, with the results being publishable to a member’s profile.Similarly, members can take a personality test to find out what sort of person they are really suited t,o with the information, again, being publishable to their profiles.

They can also check out galleries of adult movies, model photos, live member webcams and more in the galleries section of the site, meaning that even when they aren’t getting horny with other members of the site in real life, they can still have a great time with Gay XXX dates.

Gay XXX Dates is a dating site specifically for gay and bi users and, as the name implies, there is a focus on the more erotic side of dating.

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Members can also check out their own personal ‘Activities’ section, which helpfully lists new member updates, new albums, status updates and new blog posts on friends’ profiles.

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