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If you have a webcam, it would behoove you to listen up.What would you do if someone had control of your webcam without your knowledge?Suddenly, the victim thinks all they’re doing is watching a video, but has inadvertently given permission to the Flash app to start taking pictures.Clickjacking can be an issue with the app protocol itself OR with the browser you’re using to view the said app.As of this writing, it remains unclear as to just how many Yahoo users were simultaneously tracked by the GCHQ's five-minute interval screenshot method.Any Internet data flowing through those fiber optic cables, if not encrypted, can be intercepted in the same way.

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Other times, the issue may appear to be fixed only to be rediscovered by exploiting some other vulnerability.So what can you do to protect yourself against webcam takeovers? At the same time, it’s never a bad idea to be cautious and aware of what sorts of dangers are lurking out there.Would you rather sit in ignorance until one day you stumble across a video of you doing something you didn’t want the world to see?Someone identified an issue with TRENDnet cameras that allowed anyone to tap into a live webcam’s video feed.Subsequently, a webpage went up (now defunct) that allowed any visitor to watch these compromised video feeds. Other types of webcam hack attacks include vicious malware and viruses, infected email attachments, or direct access attacks from someone who knows your IP address and can access your webcam remotely.